Events for the week of February 27 2012

Monday Feb 27
16:30-18:00Number Theory Seminar (MS 5117)
Hisa-aki Kawamura (Grenoble/Hokkaido)On the Duke-Imamoglu lifting of p-adic families of elliptic modular forms and its applications
Tuesday Feb 28
15:00-15:50Participating Analysis Seminar (MS6221)
Josh Zahl (UCLA)An introduction to the Kakeya problem.
16:30-17:20Participating Analysis Seminar (MS6221)
Sam Xu (UCLA)Some Time-Dependent Parabolic PDEs
Wednesday Feb 29
14:00-14:50Geometry Seminar (MS 3915G)
Mike Williams (UCLA)Stability of Solutions to the Ricci Flow
15:00-15:50Algebra Seminar (MS 7608)
Detlev Hoffmann (University of Dortmund)Levels and sublevels of rings
15:00-17:00Topology Seminar (MS 5137)
Tye Lidman (UCLA)Left-Orderability and Graph Manifolds
16:00-16:50Probability Seminar (MS 5233)
Tonci Antunovic (UC Berkeley)Tug-of-war and the Infinity Laplace equation with Neumann boundary conditions
16:00-16:50Applied Math Colloquium (IPAM)
No talk due to IPAM Workshop on Nonlocal Equations
16:30-18:00Number Theory Seminar (MS 5147)
Marc-Hubert Nicole (Institut mathématique de Luminy, Université d'Aix-Marseille)The Saito-Kurokawa Lifting and Heegner Points
Thursday Mar 01
13:50-14:50Combinatorics Seminar (MS 7608)
Matthias Beck (UCSF)Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorems
17:15-18:15GSO Seminar (MS 6620)
Jed Yang (UCLA)Brick walls and easy tiling problems
Friday Mar 02
14:00-15:30Logic Seminar (MS 5148)
Ben Miller (Muenster)Bases, non-hyperfiniteness, and rigidity
14:00-15:10Participating Funct. Analysis Seminar (MS 5138)
Brent Nelson (UCLA)$C^*$-simplicity of Powers groups, II (after de la Harpe) ***Note time change***
15:00-16:40Algebra Seminar (MS 7608)
Viraj Navkal (UCLA)Quiver representations VI.
15:00-15:50Analysis and PDE Seminar (MS 6221)
David Renfrew (U.C. Davis)Outliers in the Spectrum of Finite Rank Deformations to Wigner Random Matrices
16:00-17:00Logic Colloquium (MS 6627)
Benjamin Miller (University of Muenster)Bases, non-hyperfiniteness, and rigidity
16:00-17:00Joint Topology Seminar (Caltech - 257 Sloan)
David Futer (Temple University)The Jones polynomial and surfaces far from fibers
17:00-18:00Joint Topology Seminar (Caltech - 257 Sloan)
Sucharit Sarkar (Clay Math / Columbia)A Khovanov homotopy type