Events for the week of May 23 2016

Monday May 23
14:00-14:50Special Seminar (7619C MS)
Guy Gilboa (Technion, Israel Inst. of Technology)Spectral TV
16:00-16:50Number Theory Seminar (MS 5117)
Anne Carter (UCSD)Lubin-Tate Deformation Spaces and $(\phi,\Gamma)$-Modules
Tuesday May 24
14:00-14:50The Level Set Collective (IPAM 1180)
Jun Saito (Method Studios)A Deep Learning Framework for Character Motion Synthesis and Editing
14:00-14:50Participating Analysis Seminar (MS 6221)
Eden Prywes (UCLA )Isoperimetric dimension I
15:30-16:20Participating Analysis Seminar (MS 6221)
Misha Hlushchanka (Jacobs University, Bremen)Palindromic subshifts and groups of intermediate growth I
Wednesday May 25
11:00-12:50Algebra Seminar (MS6905)
Kevin Carlson (UCLA)Modularity of representations of rational voas
Thursday May 26
14:00-14:50Combinatorics Seminar (MS 7608)
Iskander Aliev (Cardiff University)Parametric Polyhedra with at least k Lattice Points
Friday May 27
15:00-15:50Topology Seminar (MS 5148)
Rui Wang (UC Irvine)On Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten theory for symplectic reductions
15:00-15:50Algebra Seminar (MS 7608)
Paolo Aluffi (Florida State University)Chern classes of Schubert varieties
16:00-16:50Analysis and PDE Seminar (MS 6221)
Yifeng Yu (UC Irvine) Inverse problems, non-roundness and flat pieces of the effective burning velocity from an inviscid quadratic Hamilton-Jacobi model (Joint with Caltech)
17:00-17:50Analysis and PDE Seminar (MS 6221)
Joel Tropp (Caltech)TBA (Joint with Caltech)