Probability Seminar: Spring 2015

Wednesday Apr 01
14:00-14:50 (MS3915D) Matthew Junge (UW Seattle)Splitting hairs with choice
Thursday Apr 02
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Rinaldo Schinazi (University of Colorado)Survival and mutation probability
Thursday Apr 30
Probability Colloquium
15:00-15:50 (6627) Todd Kemp (UCSD)Random Matrices, Brownian Motion, and Lie Groups
Wednesday May 06
14:00-14:50 (MS 6627) Jacek Miekisz (University of Warsaw)Stochasticity and time delays in gene regulation
Thursday May 21
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Gregory Markowsky (Monash University Melbourne)Complex analysis and the exit time of planar Brownian motion
Thursday May 28
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Mark Cerenzia (Princeton University/IPAM)Symplectic Plancherel Growth and Interlaced Reflecting Brownian Motions