Probability Seminar: Fall 2015

Wednesday Oct 07
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) Pierre-Francois Rodriguez (UCLA)On level set percolation for the Gaussian free field
Tuesday Oct 13
14:00-14:50 (MS 6627) Alex Drewitz (University of Cologne)The maximal particle of branching random walk in random environment
16:00-16:50 (MS 6229) Eviatar Procaccia (Texas A&M)The boy who cried Wulff
Thursday Oct 22
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Tobias Johnson (USC)Size biased couplings and the spectral gap for random regular graphs
Thursday Oct 29
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Harry Crane (Rutgers University)Partial symmetries in random structures
Thursday Nov 05
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Yoshihiro Abe (RIMS, Kyoto University)Extremes of local times for simple random walks on symmetric trees
Thursday Nov 12
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Yu Gu (Stanford University)Scaling limits of fluctuations in stochastic homogenization
Thursday Dec 03
13:00-13:50 (MS 5137) Chiranjib Mukherjee (NYU)Compactness, large deviations and the polaron problem