Probability Seminar: Spring 2014

Wednesday Apr 09
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) Thomas M. Liggett (UCLA)A stochastic four color theorem
Wednesday Apr 16
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) David Renfrew (UCLA)Products of Random Matrices
Wednesday Apr 23
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) Philippe Sosoe (Princeton University)Subdiffusive concentration in first-passage percolation
Wednesday Apr 30
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) Ryoki Fukushima (RIMS Kyoto University)Asymptotic results for directed polymers with long range jumps
Wednesday May 07
15:00-15:50 (TBA) Ron Rosenthal (ETH Zurich)Random walks on simplicial complexes
16:00-16:50 (MS 5127) Robin Pemantle (UPenn)Zeros of random analytic functions and their derivatives
Thursday May 08
Probability Colloquium
16:15-17:05 (MS 6627) Robin Pemantle (UPenn)Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables