Functional Analysis Seminar: Fall 2015

Wednesday Oct 07
16:00-17:30 (MS 6627) Dima Shlyakhtenko (UCLA)Free probability of type B and asymptotics of finite-rank perturbations of random matrices.
Wednesday Oct 14
16:00-17:30 (MS 6627) David Penneys (UCLA)Bicommutant categories
Wednesday Oct 28
16:00-17:30 (MS 6627) Sorin Popa (UCLA)Approximating freeness under constraints, with applications
Friday Oct 30
15:00-16:00 (MS 5118) Adrian Ioana (UCSD) II$_1$ factors with non-isomorphic ultrapowers ***Note unusual day/time***
Friday Nov 13
16:00-17:00 (MS 5118) Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo Univ.)From vertex operator algebras to operator algebras and back ***Note unusual day and time***
Wednesday Nov 18
16:00-17:30 (MS 6627) Remi Boutonnet (UCSD)On quasi-normalizers in free group factors and applications to strong solidity for free Araki-Woods factors
Wednesday Dec 02
16:00-17:30 (MS 6627) Yusuke Isono (RIMS Kyoto)Bi-exact groups, strongly ergodic actions and group measure space type III factors with no central sequence